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Effective from March 1st 2008

STL User’s Card for one year (365 days), for half a year (183 days) for half the amount shown citizens younger than 60 100,–
students, citizens older than 60 years of age, unemployed and citizens with disability pension 50,–
Collective, Category I 1000,–
Collective, Category I – libraries and school libraries 300,–
Collective, Category II 600,–
User’s Card for study inside the building of the STL for a period of one week (7 days) – valid for the General Study Room only 20,–
Issue of a duplicate STL User’s Card for first duplicate User’s Card 40,–
for each subsequent User’s Card duplicate 100,–
Second and each subsequent statement about the holder of the STL User’s Card from the database of users
– according to Article 12 Section 2 of Act No. 101/2000 Coll.
Sending notification of booking of publication by post
– booking application is free of charge
Late return of loans
– charges apply for one library unit
fee for late return per 1 day 1,–
1st – 3rd reminder (sent by post) 10,–
Director’s reminder 30,–
Lawyer’s reminder 200,–
Court exaction 360,–
Exaction of damages
- charges apply for one library unit
1st reminder 30,–
2nd reminder 40,–
3rd and each consecutive reminder 60,–
Compensation for a loss of CD-ROM, DVD 500,–
Lawyer’s reminder 200,–
Court exaction 360,–
Black & white photocopy 1 page A4 2,–
1 page A4, double-sided 3,–
1 page A3 4,–
1 page A3, double-sided 6,–
Colour photocopy, Print output 1 page A4 12,–
1 page A4, double-sided 18,–
1 page A3 19,–
1 page A3, double-sided 22,–
Microfilm enlargement to 1 page A4 5,–
Photocopy of a part of standard CSN – 1 page 26,–
Photocopy of the complete standard CSN is governed according to actual CNI pricelist on
Copy of old book (digital copy only) – 1 file 10,–
Paper copy of old book (made from digital master) – 1 page 12,–
Copy of rare book (digital copy only) – 1 file 2,–
Paper copy of rare book (made from digital master) – 1 page 3,–
Creating a user account
– for using STL electronic services
for users of the Czech and Slovak Republics 20,–
for users of other countries EUR 5,–
Overview of the use of user account
– in the form of a tax document
annual drawing 25,–
search in archive 50,–
Handling fee for the return of unused cash on the account 20,–
Copies of printed documents delivered in electronic form
– 1 page A4 in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format
for users of the Czech and Slovak Republics 2,–
for users of other countries EUR 0,20
Copy from on-line database delivered in electronic form
for users of the Czech Republic
1 article (up to 7 pgs.) 2,–/1 pg.
1 article (from 8 pgs.) 15,–
Copy, 1 page A4, delivered by fax
- telephone charges are added to the fee
Printing from CD-ROM, DVD, floppy diskette, Internet – 1 page A4 2,–
Fee for copying of data on CD, floppy diskette 15,–
When ordering copying services exceeding 50 pages of an A4 format, an advance payment of 50 % of the expected total cost of the order must be paid (applies to personal orders made at the STL copy centre).

(pre-paid coupon, user account)
for users from the state sector/for commercial users
from Europe (except for the British Library) loan 300,–/400,–
copy for every 5 pages 80,–/120,–
from the British Library and from overseas loan 600,–/800,–
copy of a single article 400,–/480,–
for abroad loan Slovakia


8 EUR/1 IFLA Voucher

10 EUR/1 IFLA Voucher

15 EUR/2 IFLA Voucher
copy 1–10 pp. Slovakia


8 EUR/1 IFLA Voucher

8 EUR/1 IFLA Voucher

15 EUR/2 IFLA Voucher
+ every additional 10 pp. Slovakia


4 EUR/0,5 IFLA Voucher

4 EUR/0,5 IFLA Voucher

4 EUR/0,5 IFLA Voucher

1 hour of search work

Fees are charged for the performance of search work by employees of the STL from databases on CD-ROMs, databases accessible from the STL network, from secondary and primary databases accessible on the Internet. The search is performed on the basis of individual orders.

Charges for printing, copying, copying to diskette or CD, handling and postage according to current price lists (provided the results of the search are sent by post) are added to the total price. Student holders of a valid STL User’s Card, proving their status by showing a valid student ID, are entitled to a 50 per cent discount (applies only to personal orders placed in the STL Reference Centre).

Handling fee for the lost, damaged or deteriorated publication 50,–
Fee for a loss of a key to a clothes locker 50,–
Fee for handing over the contents of a clothes locker
(After it has been opened in the presence of library employees and a protocol has been signed about the opening)
All prices are in CZK (Czech crowns), unless specified otherwise.

CRI = Coupon-Résponse International

The State Technical Library reserves the right, should it deem necessary, to change the above prices and announce a new price list.

In Prague, February 29th 2008

Ing. Martin Svoboda
Director, State Technical Library

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