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1. Classic Search
Classic Search is performed manually from abstract journals, available at the Reference Centre and in the STL collections. Available Prague-located information resources are used if necessary. Due to the volume of secondary and primary sources used by the employees, these Searches are rather complex in their nature and therefore more time-consuming and expensive.

2. Database Search
Database Search is performed using databases on CD-ROMs. Results are available immediately and customers may (upon arrangement) participate in the process of Search and influence its results. When the topic required by customer matches with the thematic scope of CD-ROM databases owned by the STL, a simple Search usually takes one to two hours.

3. Combined Search
Combined Searches share the advantages of both types of Searches above. It is especially convenient for a customer to order an database Search to obtain source material for study. If necessary, the order can be extended to include a classic manual Search as well.

Search prices are charged in accordance with the Price List of STL Services.

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