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ScienceDirect - journals published by Elsevier Science

The database provides access to an electronic journal collection of science, technology and medicine. The subscribed collection (so called "UTL Collection 1") contains 120 journals from the field of technology, science, medicine and social sciences. List of journals:

Retrospective: different (fulltexts of all subscribed titles from the "UTL Collection 1" approximately from 1995)
Except the "Collection 1" backfiles of following branches are available from the 1st volume till 1994:

Computer Science ( list of titles) Environmental Sciences ( list of titles)
Decision Sciences ( list of titles) High Energy/Nuclear Physics (list of titles)
Economics, Econometrics and Finance ( list of titles) Materials Science ( list of titles)
Energy and Power ( list of titles) Mathematics ( list of titles)
Engineering and Technology ( list of titles) Physics General ( list of titles )

Embargo on access: no
Form of output: print, electronic form
Format of output: PDF, HTML

List of Consortium Members according to the subscribed UTL Collections:

For more information about the Consortium:

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