2001 Integrating Heterogeneous Resources
25 Library Systems Seminar
Prague, 6-8 June 2001

Post-seminar excursion

Detailed programme

Hiking Southern Bohemia I came across a place I fell in love with. By the time I discovered it, it was an abandoned, almost ruined property. It is called Holensky dvur (Holna yard), a former country nobleman's farmhouse that was rebuilt to a hotel recently. It is a lonely place in a somewhat melancholic and very mild country with meadows, woods and ponds that invites to walking or just sitting and looking to the green. I don't promise you will be so enchanted as I was, but if you find it appealing, please read further.

The excursion would start on Friday afternoon, trip to the place, dinner there, in the morning ca one hour drive through a scenic landscape to Cesky Krumlov which is a picturesque Czech Renaissance town listed in UNESCO heritage towns, with a chateau above the river and a couple of galleries where my preference goes to Egon Schiele Art Center. An abundant supply of catering opportunities from posh high cuisine down to beer pubs for locals is dispersed throughout the town.

In the afternoon travel back to Holna yard with a possible stopover in countryside or in a charming small town, in the evening a barbecue at Holna yard, Sunday morning back to Prague again with a possible stopover in some nice place along the way according to time possibilities of participants.

I guess many people visited Prague already in recent years but there are also many other lovely places in Czechia & I would like to help ELAGers to get there in a little bit different way compared to standard travel offices programs. The travel programme is intended to let you relax after the exciting ELAG seminar ;-)

A very rough preliminary price estimate is well below EUR 100 per person.

If you are interested, please check the box at the bottom of the registration form

If there will be at least eight participants, the tour can be organised. For this excursion we will need some downpayment in advance. More exact propositions will be posted here and e-mailed to those who showed interest.

Holna yard

Blow-up Blow-up Blow-up Blow-up Blow-up
Sorry for the poor quality of pictures, these are scanned from the hotel brochure

Martin Svoboda

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