2001 Integrating Heterogeneous Resources
25 Library Systems Seminar
Prague, 6-8 June 2001

Dear Colleagues,

It is a pleasure for me to invite you to participate in the next ELAG seminar in Praha, 6-8 June 2001.
Please find below all information you need in relation to this conference.
If you need more details, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward meeting most of you next June,

We are looking forward to see all ELAGers in Prague
Organising Committee
Adolf Knoll, Martin Svoboda

To all ELAG members
Invitation to the ELAG 2001 seminar

Dear ELAG members,

It is my great pleasure to invite you to the 25th ELAG Library Systems Seminar from June 6th to 8th, 2001 in Praha. The theme of the meeting is the challenging issue of "Integrating heterogeneous resources". Our host organisations are: the National Library and the State Technical Library. The main meeting hall is located in the Municipal Library (Mariánské náměstí 1, Praha 1). The three libraries mentioned are very close together in the centre of Praha. Our colleagues Martin Svoboda (<>) and Adolf Knoll (<>) take care of the local organisation.

The ELAG 2001 WEB homepage is located at the State Technical Library in Praha:

All info on (programme, registration, etc.) and around the meeting (travel, hotel etc.) can be consulted there. A number of links also guide you to the WEB-sites of previous ELAG seminars.

Adminstrative formalities to accomplish when attending the meeting are hanged out on the WEB. For your convenience these are also mentioned together in the appendix "How to prepare your participation to the ELAG 2001 meeting" at the end of this document.

The Board meeting, to which all those who want to contribute to the planning of the future activities of ELAG are cordially invited, will take place on Tuesday 5 June at 13h30 in the meeting room of the State Technical Library (Mariánské nám. 5, entrance on the left hand side in the passageway to the inner yard of Klementinum). I want to urge our colleagues from Central and Eastern Europe to come with a wide representation, so that the next years programme can well cover their interests and realisations.

Our hosts in Praha made a well appreciated effort to extend the "social event" activities. Among others a post conference trip to Southern Bohemia is organised.

The organisers of this meeting should greatly appreciate the participants to respect all dates in preparing the meeting, as indicated in the appendix. We expect a great number of participants and count on your fair co-operation in the administrative preparation of this meeting.

For those who plan to attend, please be aware that June is high tourist season in Praha, the hotels have to be booked as soon as possible.

I look forward to meeting you in June in Praha,

Brussels, 16 March 2001
Paula Goossens
President of ELAG

Appendix to the invitation letter

How to prepare your participation to the ELAG 2001 meeting?

    Please fill in the registration form at the ELAG 2001 WEB-site of the State technical library in Praha :


    • the number of participants is limited to 100
    • the registration list will be closed on April 25
    • the final date for booking the Thursday dinner is April 25
    • the number of participants of the post conference trip is limited to 30
    • the final date for booking for the post conference trip is April 20

    It is the usage that each institution, group of organisations or country produces a report on the progress made during the last year in the field of library automation.
    Please use, for the redaction of this document, the form which will soon be available on the ELAG 2001 WEB-site.
    The deadline for the reports is May 15. Documents added afterwards will be available on the WEB and published in the ELAG report, but will be not discussed during the round-table sessions of the seminar.

    The participants are recommended to read, before coming to the meeting these reports from the ELAG 2001 WEB-site.
    During the round-table sessions the audience has the opportunity to openly discuss these documents with the persons who wrote them.

    Those participants taking care of a workshop are requested to send in a discussion paper on the subject of the workshop before the April 25

    The speakers are kindly requested to send their paper before May 20

Please keep our workload reasonable, when sending in your papers, observe the guidelines

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