2001 Integrating Heterogeneous Resources
25 Library Systems Seminar
Prague, 6-8 June 2001

Excursion programme

Dear colleagues,

answers of ten out of you twelwe give this picture:

What do you prefer for Saturday (9 June) afternoon:

    6x visit another picturesque town (Třeboň)
    3x no preference
    1x have a stroll along dykes of South Bohemian ponds

There is a good news, this is quite easy to combine visit of Trebon with a short stroll on the dyke of the Svet (World) pond which is one of largest and lies just few steps from Trebon main square.

Your preference for Sunday (10 June) morning:

    5x bicycling
    3x visit of a romantic castle (Červená Lhota)
    1x sightseeing flight
    1x no preference

We will investigate whether we can make both - to let those who prefer cycling do their hobby while the other part will go and see Cervena Lhota just to meet for a lunch & depart for Prague in the early afternoon so that some of you make it in time for their flights. Neither the sightseeing flight is out of question, we'll try to arrange.

We will go to the Prague downtown via Ruzyne airport so that to disembark those who asked to be there at 16:00 in time, than we will proceed to downtown. Those who are not that much in a hurry will thus have time for another glass of beer in Prague :-)

This arrangement results from your answers:

    3x 16:00 airport
    1x 16:00 downtown
    1x 20:00 downtown
    4x anytime downtown

Maja Zumer, who has a flight at 12:35 agreed to take a fast train so that we can accomplish the programme as outlined above.

As to the accomodation we'll try to fulfil your wishes ;-)


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