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Appendix II to the Library Regulations of the State Technical Library
Effective from March 1st 2005

In accordance with the Statute of the State Technical Library as a central professional library managed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic and in the interest of the satisfaction of legitimate requirements made by library users under conditions requiring maximum savings during the creation of collections and operation of the library, these rules are issued specifying the categories of users of the STL and the extent of services provided.


Category I
designated for:


Category II
for all other users not included in Category I and III.
Extent of provided services is specified by the Library Regulations of the STL, Part I, point 3 - Lending Regulations.

Category III
designed for:

Extent of services provided:
lending of documents for use in the study room.

Prague, February 28th 2005

Ing. Martin Svoboda

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