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IoP Electronic Journals

The web based service of IOP Electronic Journals provides access to about 50 titles published by Institute of Physics Publishing. The journals are devided into 11 basic fields of physics (Condensed Matter and Materials Science; Applied Physics; Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Physics; Measurement Science and Sensors; Plasma Physics; Optical, Atomic and Molecular Physics; High Energy and Nuclear Physics; Medical and Biological Physics; Physics Education; Computer Science; and General Physics). The Czech Trial Consorcium has got electronic access to 33 titles (list of subscribed titles).

Retrospective: different
- Journal Archive: 1874 - 1993
- subscribed journals in fulltext: mostly since 1993
Form of output: print, electronic form
Format of output: PDF (mostly), HTML
Notice: email alerting service

Manual for this database - ppt. format.

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