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Foreign Libraries (co-operating with the STL ILL)

Provides search in the union catalogue of books and journals, links to catalogues and homepages of 52 Austrian libraries

AMICUS - catalogue developed and maintained by the National Library of Canada
Types of documents: books, journals, reports, thesis
Usage: searching, interlibrary loan and ordering

Network of libraries and information institutions in Switzerland, providing access to union catalogue of books and journals.

UB und TIB Hannover
Catalogue providing the possibility of ordering (search without registration, ordering for registered users only).

Universitätsbibliothek - KARLSRUHE
Virtual union catalogue of German and selected foreign libraries and bookstores.

Document delivery system. It enables search in a database of books, journals and articles. Access from homepage (link: Recherchieren und Bestellen, Gastzugang/Search and order, Guest Access).

Deutsche Zentralbibliothek für Medizin Köln
German national medical library, access to catalogue.

German libraries on-line
Overview of German libraries on the WWW. Alphabetical list filed by cities, providing also access to the "Digitale Bibliothek NRW" digital library.

Digitale Bibliothek NRW
Provides distributed search in various information sources (library catalogues, bibliographic databases) via unified interface.

DTV - Technical Knowledge Center of Denmark - University Library
Access to catalogue.

The Netherlands
Library TU Delft
Access to catalogue of the largest technical library in the Netherlands.

Library system of Norwegian university libraries, Norwegian National Library and special libraries. The database provides information on books and periodicals available in the collections of these libraries.

Norwegian Union Catalogue
Union catalogue maintained by the Norwegian National Library; approx. 350 Norwegian libraries contribute to the catalogue by sending in bibliographic records.

NOSP Nordic/Baltic Union Catalogue of Serials
Union catalogue of serials is the result of cooperation of national libraries of Denmark, Island, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Norway. The database is maintained by the NOSP Centre at the Norwegian National Library. Database is updated quarterly. Records are based on data from the International ISSN Centre while bibliographic and location information is provided by participating libraries. The catalogue provides quality bibliographic information.

Directory of nordic library

LIBRIS - Union catalogue of Swedish libraries
Union catalogue of books and serials contains records from 200 Swedish libraries, mostly specialist. The webpage offers also access to the LIBRIS article database.

Royal Institute of Technology Library (KTHB)
Access to the KTHB catalogue. Gateway to selected catalogues of Nordic and European libraries and to sources related to library management.

United Kingdom
British Library
Provides access to the BLPC catalogue offering the possibility to order copies of articles for unregistered users as well. Payment for ordered copies can be made using credit/debit card only. The catalogue contains entries of more than 10 million documents from 1450.

Virtual union of 20 university special libraries in the UK and Ireland. It contains more than 8 million records - mostly books, about 4% are journal records, about 3% are records of conference proceedings.

Library of Congres
Provides access to the online catalogue of the largest library in the world. The catalogue contains more than 12 million records of books, serial publications, maps, audio and video materials; it provides the most comprehensive coverage of literature written in English.


Library servers

List of links to libraries and information institutions from more than 100 countries. Possibility of searching for libraries by name, library type and geographic information.

Worldwide address book of libraries and information institutions. It contains links to booksellers and pages dealing with similar themes.

Server devoted to European national libraries, their activities and services.

Ingenta (UnCover)
Gateway to professional sources of information. It provides free access to article citations from over 25,000 publications; 4,500 publications included are available in an electronic form and are available online for subscribers. Articles from other publications can be obtained by fax or using the Ariel system. Search options:

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