2001 Integrating Heterogeneous Resources
25 Library Systems Seminar
Prague 6-8 June 2001

Workshop # 7: Trends and Tools for Integration of Resources
Svein Arne Brygfjeld, National Library of Norway, Oslo, Norway
Workshop paper       (35kB)

First choice by: Second choice by:
Mr. Ad Aerts, Netherlands
Mr. Alojz Androvic, Slovakia
Ms. Olga Baranova, Russian Federation
Mr. Svein Arne Brygfjeld, Norway
Mr. Thomas-Bernd Fischer, Germany
Mr. Eirik Gaare, Norway
Mr. Harry Janssen, Netherlands
Mr. Oleg Kolobov, Russian Federation
Ms. Karolina Kostalova, Czech Republic
Mr. Pavel Krbec, Czech Republic
Mr. Anton Morozov, Russian Federation
Mr. Peter Noerr, United States of America
Mr. Jiri Pavlik, Czech Republic
Ms. Iva Pribramska, Czech Republic
Mr. Eric G. Sieverts, Netherlands
Mr. Martin Vojnar, Czech Republic
Mr. Frank Waajen, Netherlands
Mr. Theo van Veen, Netherlands
Ms. Ivana Anderova, Czech Republic
Mr. Svein Arne Brygfjeld, Norway
Ms. Nanna Hakala, Finland
Mr. Jan Hasala, Czech Republic
Ms. Kristiina Hormia-Poutanen, Finland
Mr. Ales Houdek, Czech Republic
Mr. Harry Janssen, Netherlands
Ms. Päivikki Karhula, Finland
Mr. Traugott Koch, Sweden
Ms. Gabriela Krcmarova, Czech Republic
Ms. Michaela Mikuskova, Czech Republic
Ms. Heike Neuroth, Germany
Mr. Ragnar Nordlie, Norway
Mr. Ramon Ros, Spain
Mr. Bohdan Smilauer, Czech Republic
Mr. Rok Vidmar, Slovenia

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