2001 Integrating Heterogeneous Resources
25 Library Systems Seminar
Prague, 6-8 June 2001

Information for sponsors

The organisers are libraries long taking part in ELAG, the National Library and the State Technical Library.

Contact address

The Seminar will bring together about 120 participants, from all over Europe and outside. Attendance of participants from post-communist, post-Soviet and other developing countries is supported by Open Society Institute

The Seminar will take place in the meeting hall of the Municipal Library at the Mariánské náměstí in Prague 1, and in the premises of the National Library and the State Technical Library at Klementinum.

ELAG - European Library Automation Group associates mostly automation / IT department heads or key players of many European libraries, library software developers, and other library automation and related field specialists.

Above all, ELAG seminars promote cutting-edge technical and technological solutions in library automated systems and related products, provide space for workshop discussions on applications and implementation of IT in library and information market at both national and international levels.

What Can We Offer to Sponsors at ELAG

Sponsors can place their logo

  • On information material distributed to participants before the Seminar starts
  • In the Seminar premises
  • In the Seminar Proceedings
  • On the ELAG Seminar Web page (including info on their company)
  • On the Web pages of the Czech National Library (including info on their company)
  • In selected titles published by the Czech National Library
Sponsors can purchase up to full-page advertising space in the Seminar Proceedings

Agreed mailed-in promotion material will be distributed to all 120 Seminar participants

Other Ways of Sponsor Promotion

  • Sponsors can provide information about themselves and their products at stands set up in the area adjacent to the Seminar rooms
  • Sponsors can provide information about themselves and their products in their own stands which they can install in the area immediately linked to the Seminar Hall
  • Sponsors can arrange a lecture, or a presentation in the workshop areas
All donations will be publicly linked to the particular Sponsor and will be used to cover:
  1. Organisation costs: meeting hall rent, electricity, etc.
    (Only the Municipal Library premises will be rented, the National Library and the State Technical Library will provide their space for free)
  2. The cost of publishing the Seminar Proceedings
  3. The cost of refreshment served during coffe/ lunch breaks at the Seminar premises
  4. The cost of a catered evening gathering
  5. The cost of conference bags (with sponsors' logo).

If you find this interesting, please contact us

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