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Appendix III to the Library Regulations of the State Technical Library
Effective from March 1st 2005

The State Technical Library (furthermore referred to as the "STL") is the administrator of personal data according to the provisions of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., Personal Information Protection Act (furthermore referred to as "the Act").
According to Section 4 of the Act, as personal data any data related to a particular person the identity of which can be directly or indirectly deducted from the personal data are understood. In the case of the STL, this applies especially to addresses and users' identification data or to data concerning the user's Lendings or other transactions. When processing personal data, the STL proceeds in conformity with to the Act, the STL Library Regulations and to other generally binding provisions. Personal data are processed by the STL staff members manually or by using computers. The STL processes only true and precise personal data, which are checked for validity for that purpose.

I. The purpose of processing user's personal data:

II. Extent of Processed User's Personal Data

The STL processes personal data of its users and - in the case of underage users - of their legal parents (in the same structure).

Basic user's identification data:

If users want to use the services provided by the STL in their full extent, they are obliged to provide these data and give consent to their processing in the STL database. User not giving consent to the processing of basic identification data can use only services provided anonymously, e. g. study in study rooms, reference and search services, copy services and the like. Basic identification data are verified by the STL with the use of valid personal identity documents s issued by authorities of the state and self-government in order to prove identification, which can be used to verify all basic identification data. In the case of Czech nationals, their identity card usually serves this purpose. User's basic identification data are verified by the STL during registration, each prolongation of the validity of the STL User's Card and whenever any of the data listed above are changed. In order to protect and effectively use its library collections, the STL tries to prevent the setting up of multiple accounts for a single user; that is why authorized representatives check for duplicate entries in the user database, using available personal data.

Other user contact information (provided the user is willing to provide them):

Service data:

III. Manner in which the personal data are processed and stored

IV. Staff members' obligations during the processing of personal data of STL users

All members of the STL staff are obliged to process personal data exclusively within the framework of their work and tasks specified by their managers, in the extent specified above and in accordance with provisions of the Act, the appropriate internal directives and other binding provisions.

Employees of the STL are obliged Employees of the STL are not allowed

Breach of these duties of STL employees can be considered to be a breach of working discipline and penalized in accordance with Section 46, paragraph 1 of Act No. 65/1965 Coll., Work Code as amended.

V. Erasure of personal data

The STL processes personal data of its users from the moment when the user signs the Agreement on the Use of STL Services, thus giving consent with the processing of his/her personal data.
Personal data of STL users are kept until the user asks in writing for their liquidation, until the User's Card has been valid for five years or until the last liability has been settled, whichever comes last.
If a user asks for the processing of his/her personal data to be terminated or if the above period is over, the STL considers the Agreement to be terminated and erases the user's personal data:

Access to archive and backup copies containing users' personal data, which cannot be turned into anonymous data, is provided to a limited number of STL employees only, authorized by a written decision of the Director of the STL. Restoring of data from archival and backup copies is possible on the basis of a written directive of the Director of the STL and a written protocol must be made on each data recovery. When restoring data from archive or backup copies, data of all users meeting the above conditions have to be made anonymous again.

Failure to meet the requirements set by Act No. 101/2001 Coll., Personal data Protection Act, makes the STL liable for any damages which might have incurred to a third party, and legally liable for a delinquency in accordance with Act No. 101/2001 Coll. Should a user discover that the STL has failed to fulfil its duties, he/she has the right to ask the STL for immediate remedy, or optionally to turn to the Office for the Protection of Personal Data, asking it to provide for an action leading to remedy.

Prague, February 28th 2005

Ing. Martin Svoboda
Director, State Technical Library

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