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ILL pre-paid coupons

Coupons with values of CZK 60, 90, 300 and 400, which can used for paying copies and Lendings of documents from foreign libraries, can be bought at the ILL desk, ordered by e-mail at, or by mail from:

Státní technická knihovna
Referát meziknihovních služeb
P. O. Box 206
Mariánské nám. 5
110 01 Praha 1

The payment for the services provided can be made in cash, via bank transfer on the basis of an invoice or using a postal order to the STL bank account (Czech National Bank - account number 8032-031/0710). On the basis of the advice, the coupons can either be sent to you or you can set up coupon account (the coupons are then stored at the ILL workplace). When the coupon account is set up, pre-paid coupons remain with the employees of the STL ILL. For orders that have been executed the corresponding type and number of coupons shall be deducted from your account. Information on the balance of your coupon account shall be provided to you at any time upon request.

The value of the coupons is based on fees for the provision of ILL listed in the Price List of STL Services.

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