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This site gives you an overview of a broad range of special, educational, social, advertising and other events organised by a variety of subjects in the Czech Republic and abroad. There are listed events organised by libraries of different type, size and orientation, by professional associations (SKIP, SDRUK), schools, collaborating companies, and other organisers. You will find here training courses, workshops and conferences related to library - information profession and exhibitions including fairs bearing on this profession. Educational activities of a newly established SKIP Education Section, which took over the activities started and developed by the MOLIN Training Center, make a significant part of this overwiev as well.

Since 2002 it is SKIP (Association of Library and Information Professionals of Czech Republic) who administers the Overview so far located on the website of the National Library of the Czech Republic. SKIP will aim at the highest achievable completeness of this overview, but it is up to organisers of individual events how perfect and complex the Overview will be. Towards this goal the website contains the web form (in Czech version only) allowing organisers to enter and maintain the events themselves via Web.

The level of detail depends on data supplied by the organiser. Each record, however, contains mandatory data: title of event in Czech and English, type of event, its target audience (library type, professional orientation and skills level), location, region and date of event and all contact data (organising institution, contact person, and connection). A number of events contain, however, much detailed description (capacity, price, schedule etc.). Some events may lack an exact venue date, which should be set down additionally.

The overview is not definitive, it is possible to add other interesting events at any time. The organisers can elaborate and complete it gradually. Therefore, we recommend to bookmark it and skim it regularly besides other library periodicals, electronic conferences, and other information sources which can inform of additions and changes. We also invite all organisers to announce all essential changes continuously so that to maintain a truly up-to-date overview of events. To submit any change the web form can be invoked from a detailed view of the event record (again in Czech version only). It is obviously also possible to cancel an event with two options: either to mark the event as cancelled and retain it in the Overview or to remove it from the list completely.

The Overview will be as good as we will make it

  1. You can register your event here (in Czech only, sorry). Before you start filling in the form, please read the instructions in the introductory page and at individual fields. Please, take care of difference between mandatory and optional data.

  2. You can browse the Overview here or you can click the Events button at the page head or foot. You will see the events in chronological order. If you wish to see a particular event details, please click thein front of the event line.
    The Overview allows you - after clicking the - to display selected events only. You can select by event type and target audience, by location and date, even by event title and by organiser data. The selected events are shown in chronological sequence.

  3. An overview of Regional Training Centres and their contact persons is here or you can click the Regional Centres button at the page head or foot.
    If you wish to see events organised (or entered) by a particular Regional Training Centre, click thein front of the Regional Training Centre line.
    Wherever the Regional Centre maintains its own web page, you can link to it by clicking the region. If you wish to contact the Regional Centre representative, simply click her/his name.

  4. The statistical review of events registered can be seen here or you can click the Statistics button at the page head or foot.

  5. A similar list of events is collected by the Centre of Scientific and Technical Information in Slovakia. You can see it here or you can click the Events in Slovakia button at the page head or foot.
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